The Legacy Game

Sessions 38 & 39 (Sevalan 11 through Karan 14, 101 RA

Time Marches On...

After several days rest…the party set about attempting to assist in the investigation of Drestannith and Asterthade’s respective purported involvements in the Cult of Earth while simultaneously pursuing clearance to take the infant heir of New Cormorell to Jen via the teleportation circles of Temaurenell and Len’Levinahl.

And the weeks rolled by…

(The following table reflects the ongoing skill challenges involved in the party’s efforts to finally take Baby Mandy Bennigan to Jen, and to assist in the investigation of who was actually helping the Cult of Earth. Green entries reflect successful skill checks; Red entries reflect failures.)

Week Talise BrotherTorm Fate Caelythania Kimiak Events
Sevalan 15-21 Visit Temaurenellan Druids to discuss primordial threat, angry water and effect on teleportation circles Assist Caelythanya Studies Teleportation theory with Mage’el Tem Ovorian Assists with Mage’el Om teleportation circle studies Lost in a magical tunnel Gnome prison guards and known cultists Sage and Gobi are captured outside the City and imprisoned in the Hall of Justice
Sevalan 22-28 Journey to Podwell Marshes Convinces Mage’el Vis to help with Cult of Earth investigation Help Caelythanya treat with House Erroloi Tries and fails to sway House Erroloi towards allowing the party to take The Baby to Jen Lost in a magical tunnel Sage & Gobi testify that Drestanith Tellestian An’Edridinian was a high ranking member of the Cult of Earth
Ankellan 1-7 Traveling among the Naelus Convices the Mage’el Vis to renew investigation into teleportation circles Works with Momendi Bobbs to disseminate propaganda lowering panic about the Cult of Earth Takes position as Interim Overseer of Mining for the Telestian Family Lost in magic tunnel Lord Mallethane makes his despite of Caelythanya known to her face. Word gets out that Emrit, confirmed member of Cult of Earth is accusing Officer of Justice Asterthade of being a high-ranking member of the Cult. The Ballad of the Blood King becomes a popular, and Fate appears wearing a ruby-set diadem as described in the song.
Ankellan 8-14 Travels among the naelus Helps to prove that the primordial energies from the Temple of Earth were indeed interfering with the teleportation circles’ function. Gets House Scarthanian to support sending the party with the baby, so long as the official stance of the Counsel of Autumn is that they are simply sending the child away, not “too Jen” per se. Spends a week reviewing records of Asterthade’s history as a High Witness. Lost in a magical tunnel Asterthade steps down from her position as Officer of Justice of Gishall pending resolution of the investigation into her involvement with the Cult.
Ankellan 15-21 Returns to Temaurenell with a naelic druid named Bantu Helps to prove that teleportation circles are functioning properly again Spends a week studying the names, interests, motives and political positions of the Houses of Autumn with the aid and support of High Lord Edridinian Sets Mirranith Hamath An’Pennireth as Officer of Justice at Gishall Lost in a magical tunnel Foreman Griffon Payne dies in a tunnel collapse in Gishall Mine
Ankellan 22-28 The party (sans Ol’ Slosh and with Kimiak in emeritus) is honored at a banquet in the Great Hall of Autumn. Their deeds are recounted (such as they are known), and their aid in preventing this early gambit by the Primordial Lords is made a matter of public knowledge. They are named friends of the eladrin people, welcome guests in the City of Autumn, and gifted with the five Chalices of Fall’s Fellowship: the magical chalices from which the leaders of the eladrin Shi’Rillealan drank to honor their own alliance during the Redemption Wars It is discovered that Drestannith was absent from his office and known to be in Gishall meeting with an unknown party on Sevalan the 1st, when the earthquate shook Temaurenell
Ohlenan 1-7 Hangs out with Bantu and considers purchasing a magic shield. Gather’s informationon Cult Activity from the Mage’el Vis Fails to gain support from House Pennireth regarding taking baby to Jen, but learns much regarding their reasons Sees that Griffon Payne’s body is magically preserved for at least another 5 weeks Reappears suddenly in the midst of Brother Torm’s meeting with the Mage’el Vis
Ohlenan 8-14 Finds suspicious traces of primordial energy in Asterthade’s office in Gishall Has guilded miner Minsiti arrested as a Cult member Has a guilded miner from the Highmark shift arrested as a Cult member Learns that Asterthade was close with Demmarris the Sage Spends the week catching up on what’s been going on. Aechell bricks up the teleportation apertures in the Gatehouse of Adridell.
Ohlenan 15-21 Discovers that Drestanith Tellestian is also infused with primal earth energy, and that the Overseer’s office has secret sigils of the same sort. Has a guilded miner from the Lowmark shift arrested as a Cult member Spends time studying means by a person could be infused with primal energy against his will and in secret Learns the Speak with Dead ritual Assists Brother Torm Gobi, one of the guards that accused Drestannith of working for the Cult, was killed in his cell by an elemental, which was destroyed by the guards before it could kill Sage. Drestannith’s secretary, Getrine, is found dead of a self-inflicted sacrificial wound amidst a summoning circle and ritual components aligned with elemental earth.
Ohlenan 22-28 Learns the Discern Lies ritual Sees to it that all arrested Cult members are protected by Magic Cirles set against elemental creatures. Learns that House Erroloi wants to keep the Baby in Temaurenell so that they can raise her in the ways of the Eladrin and, ultimately, set her up as a puppet monarch. Fails to get a positive identification of Asterthade from the corpse of Griffon Payne Has one of the eladrin prison guards of Gishall arrested as a Cultist. The guard names Asterthade as a member. Letters from Drestannith to five different miners and guards are found implicating them all in Cult activities. The five new Cultists are arrested. Also, word reaches Temaurenell that Aechell, with the help of Dejulan rebels, has take the Meyan Coast from Port Tamek to Raston. House Scarthanian changes its position regarding the Baby in response to Aechell’s victories and Pennireth’s public statement that its seers have foreseen an Aechellan empire.
Karan 1-7 Researches the findings, evidence, and investigation so far, searching for a way to strike a final blow. Assists Talise Spends time with Momendi Bobbs conceiving of anti-Aechellan propaganda to encourage the Counsel to allow the child to go with the party. Commits to further study of Asterthade’s history as a High Witness. Assists Talise
Karan 8-14 Assists Caelythanya Assists Caelythanya Assists Caelythanya Makes a second, this time successful, attempt to wrest the name of the Cult’s contact within the eladrin heirarchy. The weary corpse declares that Asterthade taught him to turn his bones to stone, and names her a member of the Cult. Spends the week befriending Princess Mandy’s guards and learning of the comings, goings, murmurs, and rumors surrounding those that visit the infant. Asterthade is arrested and charged with treason, murder and a litany of other crimes associated with her involvement in the Cult of Stone’s activities in Gishall Mine.

And so, after three months spent pursuing the remnants of the Cult of Stone, the party find themselves entering mid-summer in the City of Autumn. While Drestannith has not, as yet, been cleared of involvement with the Cult, their long-nurtured suspicions about Asterthade have found support and, ultimately, acceptance among the powers that be.

They are renowned and respected throughout Temaurenell, and greeted with favor nearly everywhere they go. All that remains is to sway the Counsel of Autumn to let them take the infant princess to Jen, and their quest’s end.


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