Crest: A golden hawk perched on a crumbled black tower on a green field.

House Seat: Elmnir’s Crossing — A tiny settlement at the southern edge of The Lornmarch that straddles the Odwell River as it exits the Dawn Hills.

A minor ashai house from the southern Lands of Dawn, the Fallcrest family hails from The Dwarven Newfasts originally.

House Fallcrest is know to be cursed, with nary a member of the house living past 100 since before The Redemption. Most Fallcrests contract the terrible wasting sickness by the time they are 80, and in the last few generations, it has been happening younger and yonger.

The late Lady Andrea Fallcrest died of the sickness last year, and Lord Matheus Fallcrest is an invalid who has given control of his House and Holdings over to his eldest daughter, Athea, who, at age 57, is already showing signs of the family curse.

Myraliana, the second child of Fallcrest is currently heir to the house, and has been courted by…

The youngest child of Fallcrest is Sir Jornel Selune Fallcrest, an officer in the Jenese Army.

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